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Who we are

Who we are

Magellano GPS is a creation of Kaimakiweb, a softwarehouse based in Varese, Italy and specializing in digital solutions. We operate on both a national and European level.

Our mission is to always seek new ways, use cutting-edge technologies and adopt creative approaches.

Our goal is to offer innovative solutions to our clients, anticipating their needs in an ever-changing market. Our dedication to innovation drives us to create unique and customized solutions that perfectly fit their needs.

By choosing our company, you are choosing to embrace a cutting-edge approach and achieve world-class results.

Our employees share a passion for using the latest technologies to create services and solutions that contribute to people’s safety and well-being.

What we do

Every decision we make is driven by a deep commitment to our clients.

Our specialists have a high level of expertise in corporate fleet management.

Our offering is based on in-depth knowledge gained through years of study, refinement, and experience in the industry.We understand the needs of Fleet Managers and know that they have not yet experienced a method similar to ours.

Our goals are simple but effective: to reduce costs, decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and promote conscious driving.

Our mission, is to promote a cultural change in corporate fleet management.